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Thanks for a Great Collection!

Thanks for a Great Collection!

A big thank you to everyone that helped make our carnival happen this year, the entries, marshals, judges, barrier crew, traffic management and everyone else that took time out, donated equipment, supplied help or advertised with us.

Carnival just doesn’t happen on its own, it takes as much effort to organise a carnival as is does to build a cart and we’ve still got two presentations to organise and fundraising over the Christmas period before we start organising our 2019 Illuminated Carnival.

Straight after the Illuminated carnival, we begin counting all the coins that were donated, sadly the coins were a little wet this year but following a solid 48hours of sorting and counting we’ve finally arrived at our figure for the 2018 carnival.

This year we have collected a total of £6465.20 which is up on last year and our best collection since the carnival route changed to include the High Street back in 2014, we’re very grateful for every donation as every penny really does count!

If you’re yet to donate you can still do so here I’d like to make a donation

As well as being a Registered Charity in our own right, we’re also able to help other charities and local good causes raise funds. Those that help collect on the night receive a % payment back, we’ll be holding our Fundraisers Presentation soon (details to follow) but we’re pleased to confirm the following donations:

  • MSN Primary School – £30.87
  • Cary Comedians – £125.15
  • B&NES Carers Centre – £ 17.39
  • Limelight – £23.68
  • Junior Showtime – £62.44
  • Time Is Precious – £128.50
  • Merriman Theather Group – £69.87
  • MSN Rugby Club – £89.47
  • Camerton & Peasedown Croquette Club – £48.39
  • St John Badgers – £92.09
  • 2282 Squad ATC – £176.28
  • Time 2 Share – £17.73
  • MSN Scouts – £158.11
  • Fire Brigade Charity – £224.96


As in previous years, we’ll also be making donations to a number of other groups and organisations.