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Annual General Meeting

County Champions Huckyduck Carnival Club at the 2017 Midsomer Norton Illuminated Carnival
County Champions Huckyduck Carnival Club at the 2017 Midsomer Norton Illuminated Carnival

AGM and Recruitment for 2018

Midsomer Norton & District Carnival Association invites you to our Annual General Meeting, as the largest and most breathe taking community event in Midsomer Norton and the surrounding district, we are actively looking for people of all ages and abilities to join with us to organise this year’s spectacular illuminated carnival.

Since our first carnival on Friday November 12th 1948 we’ve come along way, the existing small team of volunteers have transformed and revitalised our local carnival, not only fulfilling its long term ambition of returning the procession back to the High Street but also ensuring the route would give the carnival new opportunity for growth.

And growth has indeed arrived with the return of many of the most breath taking entrants, such as the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Champions and respected locals Huckyduck carnival club as well as many others also returning to the streets of Midsomer Norton for our glittering illuminated parade.

But we’ve got our sights set much higher, we want to secure the future of our carnival for generations to come and to have an illuminated carnival to rival many of our neighbouring towns, however we need extra help to make our common dream a real reality.

From full blown members to those that just want to support our cause, we’re looking for help to take the next step, we’ve a number of roles that we need to fill and plenty of jobs that need to be done, some require little commitment and others a bit more but the important thing is that no matter what time you can spare or what abilities you have, we’ll experience the challenges and rewards as well as the sense of achievement and joy that carnival brings but most importantly we’ll do it together as a community.

Sure it’s a long journey but it’s one that we can make happen together, if you want to know more come along to our AGM on Tuesday the 20th of March at 7:30pm in Midsomer Norton Town Hall or alternatively get in contact via social media or Click Here. We will also be holding a charity Cider Night on Saturday the 21st of April if you’d like a chat, pop in and see us it could be a life changing experience!